Hedge Hunter Farnham has a decade-long pedigree of stunning residential and commercial property development in and around the thriving Surrey market town of Farnham.

We lead the field through our combination of vision and 48-hour decision-making once potential sites are identified. On these prime locations we create luxury homes and premier retail/office space for discerning buyers with the highest expectations.

The result is rapid sales and return on investment for our lenders.

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Hedge Hunter Farnham stands out for our:

  • Exceptional reputation for deal delivery – all deals to date have been transacted on 1:1 recommendation
  • Swift decision-making
  • Ability to purchase land with cash funds
  • Superb after-care because of our local connections

Our track record, commitment to excellence and market expertise have secured funding from RBS, NatWest and private equity. We welcome discussions with joint venture partners and lenders interested in sharing in our success.

“Hedgehunter care about development. The quality and attention to detail that is paid to each property provides a high quality product and any Purchaser can be rest assured that their purchase will have had every detail considered. This attention to detail, along with the professional team who work with Hedgehunter, ensure that each development is built to these exacting requirements.”

Matt Stride Gysin Warr
Chartered Surveyor